Ms. Nele Sente (KULeuven, June 2002) has many years’ experience working as a legal expert for an organisation of employers. She has also worked as debt mediator for a not-for-profit organization. She’s been registered as a lawyer at the bar of Leuven since 2006 and has set up her own law practice. Since the first of January 2016, her office is located at the following address:

Nele Sente
Sint-Jorislaan 16
3001 Leuven
Tel: 016/225.905


The services performed by Ms. Sente consist of legal advice and/or assistance in a legal proceeding. These can be provided before a civilian court, an administrative court or a criminal court. The lawyer is also able to intervene outside of the judicial district to which her law practice adheres. She can act as a mediator or a negotiator, working to reach an agreement at each stage of the dispute. Before undertaking any important legal steps or entering into a contractual agreement, Ms. Sente will review the terms and conditions of the contract with her clients. The lawyer acts as a confidant and is thus bound by professional confidentiality. She is fully committed to achieving lasting and economically propitious results. She is an expert in the area of:

Rights of persons - Family law
Construction law - Service contracts
Real estate - Rental rights
Property law
Security rights
Collection of receivables
Civil law
Protection status
Criminal law and traffic rights


The remuneration of the lawyer comprises professional fees as well as reimbursement of expenses (for correspondence, traveling, etc.). There are a number of factors that influence the total cost of legal assistance, such as the nature of the dispute, the scope of the consultation, and the behavior of other parties in the dispute. The lawyer will provide an estimation of service costs, taking into account the needs and possibilities of the client and working out a clear and custom-made arrangement. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding payment.

Nele Sente
Sint-Jorislaan 16
3001 Leuven
Tel: 016/225.905

KBO-nr.: 0826.552.143

Information with respect to
the Law on Services of March 26, 2010
(Journal of the Belgian government, April 30, 2010):

The professional liability is assured by Amlin Europe (limited-liability company) that has its head office at 1181 LD Amstelveen, Avenue Van Heuven Goedhart, 939 in the Netherlands. The intervention of Ms. Sente is subject to the extra-judicial arbitration of disputes as stipulated in the regulations of the Bar of Leuven, Codification of September 23, 2013. For further information, please see: (Regulations - Codification 2013). Ms. Sente is registered at the Bar of Leuven, by which she is subject to all regulations of the Order of Flemish Bars and the National Order, as detailed at Ms. Sente will inform you of the professional regulatio during your first consultation.